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Magic Opener

Congratulations. Opening Small, Medium or Large Water or Soda plastic bottles from all different brands and stores will be just a snap for you now.

the extreme magic openerWhether you’re looking for a way to easily open different plastic bottles, aluminum Can Pop soda and/or beer cans, traditional glass bottles or you’ve tried other bottle openers with little or no success, Magic Opener ® may be the answer to a more confident easy daily successfully opening for most of the different beverage containers existing in the 21st century, including the newest coca cola plastic top or the latest small water bottle plastic tops. It does work very well, very easy, very fast and very comfortable on your hands ….as 1- 2 – 3 Guaranteed, or your money back.

Never again fight with a flip top can, tug at a twist top or mangle a metal cap — the amazing Magic Opener handles each type of beverage opening with ease. It will become one of your favorite, most used kitchen gadgets.

 As easy as saying “Open Sesame,” the Open Sesame magic bottle opener performs every time, all the time!

Bottle Opener:The Best New Gadget:

Did we say kitchen gadget? Well, that’s a start… ANYWHERE a bottle opener is needed, make sure you have the Magic Opener! Small enough to fit in a lunchbox, backpack or purse. You’ll find dozens of places (and uses) for this bottle opener.

New and improved original magicOpenerDid we mention magicOpener is equipped with a magnetic back? That means you can store it on the refrigerator, on the BBQ, bike frame, boat railing, etc. Store it on any metal surface and keep Open Sesame’s magic opener close at hand. It’s perfect for camping or traveling, for the office or beach party, in your car or RV, for hunting or fishing…and we could go on and on. Think how a multi-purpose bottle opener can make your life easier and all the places you might like to have one handy.

4-in-1 Bottle Opener:

Along with magic opener’s 4-in-1 opening functions. Our bottle opener is ergonomically designed to make every opening task gentle on your hands and easy to accomplish — even for people with limited hand strength or those suffering from Arthritis.

Don’t accept imitations if you are able to get the original and the best bottle opener there is “magic Opener ®”

Secure yours Now!!!! “The next
time you open a bottle or flip top,
you’re gonna wish you had one…

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